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Michelle + Edwin | Baltimore, MD | The Inner Harbor

I recently was awarded the privilege of shooting photos of an AMAZING woman and lifetime friend, Michelle. We met our freshman year of college and have grown closer ever since. When she met Edwin, I knew he was the one.

For the past two years I’ve been able to witness one of the best pairs being drawn together. Edwin is a catch and absolutely perfect for her! Not only is he a hard working genius, but he also enjoys the dirty work, and he is an absolute goofball. They are currently in the process of remodeling a house together (Edwin’s second) and always seem to have a ball. Michelle is one of the most passionate and devoted people I know. When she gets her mind on something there is no stopping her and it is evident in her love for Edwin. She is all smiles and feeds off of his goofy energy. They are so fun as individuals, and even better together.

Thanks, Michelle and Edwin for allowing me to shoot your couple portraits!

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