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What About Bob? Baby Steps…

What About Bob? Baby Steps…

Over labor day my husband and I had the opportunity to go to Ocean City, NJ with some friends of ours. On our last night we were all ready to cozy up and watch a movie. After about 45min – an hour of deliberation on what movie we should watch we decided to take a trip back in time. We settled on a DVD from the 90s (80’s)?, “What About Bob”.

Bob was essentially afraid anything and everything you can think of. His therapist told him to take “baby steps”.  “Baby steps out of the office. Baby steps out of the office… Baby steps onto the bus…” While Bob’s paralyzing fear was a little over the top, we all have tendencies to stay stagnant due to fear.

Two fears that I struggle with are fear of failure and disappointment. I can’t stand the thought of “failing” and even worse the idea that I could let someone down. Because of this I typically stay away from anything that I’m not good at. Unfortunately, none of us can snap our fingers and automatically be a good business owner, a good wife, or a good photographer. Everything we do in life takes practice and some trial and error before we become “good” or proficient. So how do we get started on a big adventure, overcome our fears, and attain our dreams? Baby steps.

My amazing husband, Gerald, an extremely generous friend, Camille Arneberg, and my Bible study group have helped me learn to take baby steps. Through support, encouragement, examples of stepping out and trusting God, camera/photography advice, and attending weddings I’ve taken enough baby steps that I’m ready to start Zingraf Photography.

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